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Customisable Organic Lavender Eye Pillow



Organic 100% cotton (outer case and inner bag) 

Organic Flaxseed 

Organic French Aromatic Lavender

Organic cotton thread

Eco Packaging


Wash the outer case only in cold water using a neutral detergent and hand dry.


The finest materials have been thoughtfully selected to create this Organic Lavender Eye Pillow. All fabrics are made from certified Organic Cotton in a certified mill (including the thread).


Each pillow is filled with organic dried lavender from the fields of Provence which is high in essential oils and gives a soothing long lasting scent.


Organic Lavender Eye Pillow comes with a very effortless removable case. Each pillow has been individually cut and sewed so they may present small differences in size. 


Approximate size: 20cm  X 15cm  X 3cm

Approximate weight: 175g


Personalise each soft pillow case by customising with a word from the list below (see pictures below with the different fonts). When you place an order, please make sure you choose the word you would like to see stamped or indicate plain.


Each word is placed in the center of the outer case and the sizes provided may vary slightly.


1. DREAM (10cm X 4cm)

2. Wish (8cm X 4cm)

3. Smile (6cm X 3.5cm)

4. IMAGINE (10cm X 2.5cm)

5. Love (9cm X 4cm)

6. Grateful (9cm X 3.5cm)

7. laugh (7cm x 3.5cm)

8. Joy (5.5cm X 3.5cm)

9. Blessed (8.5 X 3cm)

10. INSPIRE (6 cm X 1.5cm) 

11. Sweet (7cm X 2.5cm)

12. CREATE (8cm X 3.5cm)

13. be Happy (7.5cm X 5 cm)

14. Kind (5cm X 4cm)

15. Sing (7.5cm X 4cm)

16. hope (7.5cm X 4cm)

17. Sweet Smile (15cm X 3.5cm)

18. Believe (7.5cm X 3cm)

19. Plain (no word)

How to use it

We use lavender eye pillow in our yoga studio at the end of the session during the final pose. However, its amazing calming and soothing effects have made them very popular among people in their homes.


Perfect to use anytime for self-caring nurturing moments: after a long day, during Savasana, when having difficulties sleeping or simply wanting to take a little break to disconnect and relax. 


Our lavender pillows are designed to be placed over your eyelids to help relax the mind and body. Enjoy its amazing calming and soothing effects!

Who we are

We are a designer and a yoga teacher who believe that the process is as important as the final product. Therefore, our Organic Eye Pillows are mindfully crafted during the process, from idea to creation.


We try our best to have them ready to sent within 24-48 hours. 


£12 Yoga studio 21 Members  (collection only)

£13.00 plus £2.90 shipping (UK only)



*limited offer

*plus shipping

£13.00 plus £9.50 shipping (Europe only)


When you place an order you will receive an order confirmation email within 1-12 hours. Once we have receive your order, we will send you a PayPal link to proceed with the payment. When the payment is made the order will be despatched within 24-48 hours. 

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