"For children, who are custodians of each nation particular and the whole world at large, I feel Yoga is the essential product of the twenty first century to lead them to perfect physical health and mental well-being"                                                                                                                                                                    B.K.S IYENGAR

Through songs and sounds, games and stories, we make the first contact with yoga a fun experience enabling children to use their own imaginations while they learn their first yoga poses and breathing exercises.

At this stage children enjoy by being surprised and playing unexpected games and activities. Through a wide range of topics and games, working individually, with a partner and with small and big groups, we will take a deeper journey in learning how to improve yoga poses, how to control the breath and to increase concentration.

Practise yoga from the comfort of your home. We will tailor each sessions to all your family. We offer sessions in English and Spanish. For more information, please get in touch!


Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram page and find breathing exercises and yoga poses to practise with your children at home:

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We aim that every child will learn through yoga poses games, music, breathing exercises and short guided meditation:

1) Awareness of their body parts and their capabilities

2) The breath as an instrument to help them to relax and calm their minds

3) The connection between body and emotions

4) The pleasure of working with others while still being recognised and treated as a valuable and unique individual

5) Increased awareness of their senses

6)The use of imagination to encourage creativity

7)And specially to achieve all the goals  making yoga a fun learning experience

The practice of yoga and mindfulness from an early age is a wonderful gift we can offer to our little ones.


1) Build self-esteem

2) Helps to develop senses awareness

3) Improve motor skills and physical fitness

3) Enables emotional growth and emotional awareness

4) Improves social skills

5) Improves focuss and concentration

6) Provide tools to relax and calm body and mind

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