Best Practice Guidelines

All in-person studio sessions will start on 17th of May

In order to minimise the risk of being infected or spreading COVID-19, we have put in place the following mesures:


1. All the in-person studio sessions will have a limited amount people in order to secure a safe distance between all the participants. Make sure you book them in advance.

2. Rooms will be ventilated before and after each class

3. Floors and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised before and after each class

4. Teachers won’t make adjustments or stay closer than 2 metres to the students

5. We are using the NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace App, everyone must scan the QR Code displayed at the entrance.  

6. We will provide hand sanitiser to use before and after the session

7. We will leave long breaks between each yoga session

8. Students must bring their own equipment (including yoga mats)

9. We will perform a risk assessment prior to each session to ensure that the room has been cleaned, disinfected and ventilated properly


10. If you feel any Covid symptoms, please don’t come to the session

11. We encourage everyone to take their temperature before attending the yoga session. If you have raised temperature please don’t come to the class.



Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. We will do our best to keep you safe.



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