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Yoga Mat and Straps



6:00 pm

Yoga Basics aims to create a stable foundation for a safe yoga practice. The class starts with a few minutes of breathing techniques in a seated position. We spend between 5 to 10 breaths in each pose to fully embrace it.


In this class you will get to know the most common alignments but we will modify and adapt them to work with your unique body  to reduce the risk of injury.


We recommend you bring with you a couple of blocks, a strap and a towel (props are not essential but they may come in handy).


This class would provide a strong yoga foundation for beginners and more precision and control to those more experienced.

Yoga at Home



7:30 am

For those early birds who enjoy to start the day with energy. This is the most dynamic and energising session we offer at the studio. It synchronises breathing and movement in a dynamic flow. Each pose is linked to the next with Ujjayi breathing to make a smooth transition between poses. We work strength, balance and coordination. 

Cotton Candy



9:00 am


11.30 am

Gentle Yoga starts with a few minutes of breathing techniques in a seated position. Gradually we will move into standing poses. Breathing exercises are combined with poses in order to guide you towards an inner journey of self-discovery. This session is ideal for people who are looking for slow-paced yoga spending a few breaths in each pose. We target inner balance, posture and alignment

Yoga Practice



6:30 pm


6.00 pm


10 am

This dynamic and energising session synchronises breathing and movement in a gentle but dynamic flow. Each pose is linked to the next with Ujjayi breathing to make a smooth transition between poses. We work strength, balance and coordination.

Yoga Child's Pose



1:00 pm


1.00 pm

This session is specially designed for people who spend long hours sitting in front of a desk or doing very repetitive movements and don’t have the time to take part in a 60 minutes session. The 45 minutes Lunch Express yoga session combines dynamic and static poses to target those body areas which tend to hold most of the tension. We will start with a muscle releasing sequence followed by poses to strengthen core muscles for better support and posture. We will end with static poses of targeted areas for deeper stretches and muscle release.

Church Candles



6:00 pm

Let your body and mind synchronise with the energy of the seasons. During shorter days only (from1st November until 31st March) we run this very special class to start the weekend in a very cosy and relaxing atmosphere by practising slow-paced yoga. The session is let in a very gentle way and we move synchronising coherent breathing with the sound of chimes. The room is lit with candles and warm lights to stimulate body and mind relaxation.



6.30 pm

Prenatal yoga offers a mix of specific asana, pranayama and relaxation techniques to bring mums to be a stage of balance, self-awareness, physical strength and mental peace.


During pregnancy the level of energy changes from day to day and same postures may not work every time. These classes will help you to learn to listen to your body and feel more intuitive about what postures work well for you and your baby.



Yoga brings calm, strength and balance to the adventure of pregnancy and the yoga poses in each class are adapted to suit every stage of pregnancy. We live in a very fast society with very little time to pause.


Yoga gives some breathing time and the space every mummy deserves to enjoy the creation of life.


Every 6-8 weeks we offer a special class for preparation for birth in which you can bring your partner or the person who will be with you during the magical moment of giving birth.


Before booking any class, contact your health professional to confirm you can practise yoga during pregnancy and get in touch with us if you have any questions, we will be delighted to have a chat before you start.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby



10 am

We welcome all mums, with or without yoga experience, and babies from 2 months old until crawling to take part in our Mum and Baby Yoga sessions. (If your child is already crawling but you feel you both could benefit from yoga sessions, please get in touch).

Our Mum and Baby Yoga sessions provide a caring and gentle way to work body and mind, but also to create beautiful connexions with your child through the practice of yoga.

Meet other mums and enjoy a 'cuppa' after the class (optional).

Our sessions will help you to gently tone abs, rehabilitate the pelvis floor, counter baby feeding positions and find a state of inner balance.

What to expect from the sessions? Each session lasts around 50 minutes and will start with a gentle warm up followed by a baby massage, a sequence of poses with some nursery songs and a final mummy and baby relaxation.

What can you bring to the sessions? You may want to bring a baby blanket or towel, your feeding pillow and any other essentials you may need to cover your baby's needs. 

We take a maximum of 5 mums per class and recommend to book the 6 session package in advance. (If there is availability drop in sessions will be bookable online).

If you have any question please get in touch! We will be delighted to have a chat prior to the class.

Yoga Teacher with Student


Time and date


Every 6 to 8 weeks we offer a special class for the birth partners to attend. This class combines relaxations, breathing tools and yoga poses to prepare you and your birth partner for the labour day.